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Agents Why Join The Team

The average income of our agents increased a shocking 114% in 2010 while the market was down almost 20%. The agents with PANTANO know that the strategic direction of their leader, Paul Pantano, is grounded in extensive experience in many sectors of the real estate business. It is not only that proven experience but creative thought that has propelled PANTANO Real Estate through this challenging environment. Paul Pantano possesses a vast breadth of experience in residential and commercial brokerage and construction activities. It’s that insight Paul is willing to share with his agents that gives them a competitive advantage in this marketplace.

Paul Pantano led the NCCBOR as its 2009 President and received the Realtor of the Year award for the State of Delaware and NCCBOR. This gives Paul a special advantage in this local marketplace from which you can benefit!

What Paul’s agents have to say about him

The advantage that we have with being associated with PANTANO Real Estate is that we are a small firm with a leader that is extremely hands on. We communicate well and learn from each other. We are guided by a highly successful and competent Broker who looks out for his agents and actually wants to see them succeed. He thinks about how to assist them in their business growth. By practicing what Paul preaches, we all have a high understanding of real estate in general and garner an immediate level of respect from the real estate community and public in general. This allows us to better serve our client and create the ultimate expectation from the start of a transaction to closing.

There are many ways to prosper in real estate, regardless of the market. Being guided by Paul Pantano gives us the ultimate advantage!
- Joseph Hurley (JP)

As an Agent for PANTANO Real Estate, I am pleased to be part of a team that offers a unique blend of superior real estate knowledge, technical expertise, and guidance in a setting which fosters success. This small office setting allows for immediate access to the Broker resulting in quick turn-around time for questions and correspondence. Pantano Real Estate encourages personal growth, new and innovative ideas, and conveniently schedules information sessions for updates on newly released products and services. Paul Pantano leads by example making customer service a top priority.
- Joan Fultz

I researched several brokerages and based on the information that I obtained, selecting Pantano Real Estate seemed that it would be the best fit. This is a decision that I have not regretted. I work in a fashion that explores matching a property to a client, even if I do not have the client when I spot the deal on the MLS and I am accustomed to creating deals that have no link to being offered on the multi list. I have never relied on Family, Friends or Phone duty to produce a pool of buyer leads as that approach for me is not a productive use of my time. The strategies taught at PANTANO Real Estate allow me to develop a business that is resilient to the changes in the marketplace, particularly those we are experiencing right now.
- Johanna Novack

I am impressed by Paul's in depth knowledge of Real Estate sales and the way that he shares his expertise with agents - he has consistently provided me guidance on topics ranging from marketing techniques to contract terms. There is always something to learn from Paul. I've found the other agents in the office to be extremely helpful too.
- Ellen Conaty

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